Thursday, April 30, 2015

NYX Liquid Crystal Liners


     Sparkle and shine. A girl's best friend...if we choose the right one. Today I'm reviewing nyx's liquid crystal liner and the studio liquid liner. I have the liquid crystal liner in crystal silk (gold) and crystal gun metal (silver) and these are glitter eyeliners. I have the studio liquid liner in extreme silver and this is a shiny liner. I love the look that you get originally with these but by the end of the day it starts to come off in flakes and gets stuck in my lashes. Now for the huge deal. It says that it's an eyeliner but on the packaging it says "not intended to be used around the eye area". Which is ridiculous because its EYEliner. What else am I going to do with it???? Its not worth it. I got these from my grandmother for Christmas and the consultant told her that she really liked the product and that it was really popular. So in conclusion don't listen to everything you hear. Look at reviews and stuff first!!!! But as for being irritating to my eyes it's fine until you get it in your eyes and then it burns like crazy. So needless to say this is not a good review and this is not worth your money!!!! Hope this helped!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Clean Your Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender

Recently I purchased a Beauty Sponge from Charlotte Russe, which is a lot like the Beauty Blender. I had heard so much about it and how it made your skin look more flawless, so I decided to try it. Since this is not a review I'll just say it works great but the only problem was cleaning it. 

Makeup seems to love getting stuck in this applicator, the sponge absorbs it. Since makeup (such as foundations and concealers) is made with oil, water and brush-cleaners don't always work since they repel oil. So this is an easy, cheap, and effective way to clean your Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender.

What you need:
1.) Olive Oil
2.) Dish Soap
3.) Dry Paper Towel or Wash Cloth
4.) Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender

How to:
Take your dish soap and drip a tiny amount into your hand, a little goes a long way. Then use the same tactic with the Olive Oil and add it with the soap. Then simply rub it on the Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender and you will see your recently use product squishing out of the sponge. Simply rub it until completely clean then rinse it of excess Olive Oil and Dish Soap. Then simply pat with Paper Towel or Dry Wash Cloth until dry.

And that's it! Simple, easy, cheap and will keep your Beauty Sponge or Beauty Blender in good shape so it can continually make your face flawless looking everyday. You can also use this method to deep clean your makeup brushes!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sweetz on Instagram

Hey guys so a couple days ago I decided to make an instagram account for Sweetz. As of right now it will have cool makeup ideas or things to inspire you guys.The account is just SweetzCosmetics. Go check it out! 


L'oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder

First off, I'm sorry we haven't posted anything. I couldn't get blogger to work and Jackie moved so we've been busy but that's no excuse and we are extremely sorry. 

Today I'm reviewing the L'oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder.This product can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart. I got the color natural buff which I would say matches pretty well. You can probably see the color of it in the picture since I'm messy.

This product can be worn over the top of your normal foundation or by itself. I have acne scars that I prefer to hide therefore, I wear it after I use concealer and foundation.

 As far as shine goes I'd say it does a good job of concealing it. My nose gets super oily throughout the day so I wear primer and foundation plus this product and then regular powder. However, I have worn this product alone and it covers well and does a decent job of keeping away shine. 

This product is a bit messy which is why I apply with clean fingers in place of a sponge.

We will be updating much more often now that we have things sorted out. So look out for posts in the near future.

Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Neem Oil Magic

     So everyone probably knows that it's good to exfoliate the skin from time to time. I have a DIY method that I use from occasionally that is especially good for those with acne.
Things you will need:
        1. Neem oil (I bought mine at the bodyguard in our mall for about $10 but you can probably find it in drugstores. Neem oil is used for helping irritated skin so if you have acne this will be great for you!)Neem oil is used to help with skin that is irritated. Note that the neem oil does smell quite a bit like garlic and if you can't stand the smell of garlic this is probably not right for you.
        2.Coarse sea salt (the sea salt is what does a lot of the exfoliating)
        3.Plain yogurt (the yogurt helps to get rid of redness and just in general gives you a healthy glow.
     First off you take the sea salt and put it in a little cup. Next take the neem oil and put a few drops into the cup and shake it all together so that the neem oil is on the majority of the sea salt. Next just take some of the mixture and gently rub it on your face.(i just used my hands to grab it and spread it) After the oil is on your face you can choose to let it sit for a bit or wash it off right away.(i always just wash it off right away because i'm impatient and because it doesn't make that much of a difference.)
      After that is done take your yogurt and put it in a bowl and then spread it all over your face. Let it sit for about 15 minutes to half an hour. Generally you will get better results if you let it sit longer. Note that you should lay down for this because otherwise the yogurt runs down your neck. When done simply wash it off. I do this every couple months or try to just whenever my acne starts to come back really bad. I hope this works well for you because this worked for me when a lot of the name-brand stuff didn't.

Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Lipscrub

Okay, so recently I've been obsessing over making sure my lips are super smooth and soft because if they aren't I tend to bite them. Anyone else have that problem? Or am I alone in this? Anyway, I wanted to find an effective way to face this strange problem. And so I did some research on lipscrubs! I really didn't want to pay for anything so I searched Pinterest. There I settled upon one very simple lipscrub, of course I changed in a little to make it even more simple, because simple is better. I'm glad to say that this really does work!

So lets begin...

What you need:
1.) Honey
2.) Olive Oil
3.) Brown Sugar
4.) A washcloth
5.) A tsp
6.) A little container with a lid

Really, there is no real measuring to this. I put an equal amount of each ingredient (Brown Sugar, Olive Oil, and Honey) in, but ended up hating the consistency because the fact that is was so oily bothered me to no end, so I added a couple more teaspoons of Brown Sugar until it was a more solid consistency. Of course, you can make it to what ever consistency desire just as long as it still "scrubs" your lips because the point of this DIY is to rid your lips of dryness.

How to use it:
Take a finger-full and rub it on your lips (just for around 30 seconds but you can go up until two minutes). Then dampen the washcloth and wash off the scrub. And "TADA!" you've got smooth lips.You simply store it in the refrigerator until the next use. It's good to use as long as your Olive Oil is good.

This is a great option for those who have dry or flaky lips, it hydrates and moisturizes. I will definitely be using this again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Clear Acne Fast With Lemon

Throughout our lives we go through an awkward moment, they usually start mid-teenage years (lets all decide this is puberty's fault). All of us usually have at least one pimple in our lives. If your an average teenager, like myself, you'll have what seems like thousands at a time. This horrible condition can leave you with absolutely no self-confidence! Wherever you go you may feel like everyone is staring at you constantly in a negative way, I promise you they aren't, but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. Doctors love to recommend expensive products, and if that works for you that's awesome, but really there's a simple trick to getting rid of acne fast! Plus, it's cheap!

What you need:
1.) 1 lemon
2.) A knife
3.) A container
4.) cotton ball
5.) Oil free moisturizer

Steps to success: 
1.) Take the lemon and cut it in half with your knife
2.) Squish lemon juice into container
3.) Dip cotton ball into the lemon juice
4.) Dab on oily skin or newly occurred break out
5.) Wash it off after letting it sit for a bit
6.) Moisturize skin
7.) Then store in the refrigerator

Lemon juice not only clears up acne quickly but also brightens the skin! Nature has the best medicine.

The downfalls to this treatment is that if left on the skin for a long period of time it can be very drying. Also, you shouldn't use this in the morning because it increases your skin's sensitivity to the sun. If your skin burns after using the lemon juice, remove immediately. You could be allergic.

I use this tactic on an occasion and I believe it does wonders. I recommend this highly!