Thursday, April 30, 2015

NYX Liquid Crystal Liners


     Sparkle and shine. A girl's best friend...if we choose the right one. Today I'm reviewing nyx's liquid crystal liner and the studio liquid liner. I have the liquid crystal liner in crystal silk (gold) and crystal gun metal (silver) and these are glitter eyeliners. I have the studio liquid liner in extreme silver and this is a shiny liner. I love the look that you get originally with these but by the end of the day it starts to come off in flakes and gets stuck in my lashes. Now for the huge deal. It says that it's an eyeliner but on the packaging it says "not intended to be used around the eye area". Which is ridiculous because its EYEliner. What else am I going to do with it???? Its not worth it. I got these from my grandmother for Christmas and the consultant told her that she really liked the product and that it was really popular. So in conclusion don't listen to everything you hear. Look at reviews and stuff first!!!! But as for being irritating to my eyes it's fine until you get it in your eyes and then it burns like crazy. So needless to say this is not a good review and this is not worth your money!!!! Hope this helped!!!!

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