Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY Clear Acne Fast With Lemon

Throughout our lives we go through an awkward moment, they usually start mid-teenage years (lets all decide this is puberty's fault). All of us usually have at least one pimple in our lives. If your an average teenager, like myself, you'll have what seems like thousands at a time. This horrible condition can leave you with absolutely no self-confidence! Wherever you go you may feel like everyone is staring at you constantly in a negative way, I promise you they aren't, but sometimes your mind plays tricks on you. Doctors love to recommend expensive products, and if that works for you that's awesome, but really there's a simple trick to getting rid of acne fast! Plus, it's cheap!

What you need:
1.) 1 lemon
2.) A knife
3.) A container
4.) cotton ball
5.) Oil free moisturizer

Steps to success: 
1.) Take the lemon and cut it in half with your knife
2.) Squish lemon juice into container
3.) Dip cotton ball into the lemon juice
4.) Dab on oily skin or newly occurred break out
5.) Wash it off after letting it sit for a bit
6.) Moisturize skin
7.) Then store in the refrigerator

Lemon juice not only clears up acne quickly but also brightens the skin! Nature has the best medicine.

The downfalls to this treatment is that if left on the skin for a long period of time it can be very drying. Also, you shouldn't use this in the morning because it increases your skin's sensitivity to the sun. If your skin burns after using the lemon juice, remove immediately. You could be allergic.

I use this tactic on an occasion and I believe it does wonders. I recommend this highly!

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