Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY Neem Oil Magic

     So everyone probably knows that it's good to exfoliate the skin from time to time. I have a DIY method that I use from occasionally that is especially good for those with acne.
Things you will need:
        1. Neem oil (I bought mine at the bodyguard in our mall for about $10 but you can probably find it in drugstores. Neem oil is used for helping irritated skin so if you have acne this will be great for you!)Neem oil is used to help with skin that is irritated. Note that the neem oil does smell quite a bit like garlic and if you can't stand the smell of garlic this is probably not right for you.
        2.Coarse sea salt (the sea salt is what does a lot of the exfoliating)
        3.Plain yogurt (the yogurt helps to get rid of redness and just in general gives you a healthy glow.
     First off you take the sea salt and put it in a little cup. Next take the neem oil and put a few drops into the cup and shake it all together so that the neem oil is on the majority of the sea salt. Next just take some of the mixture and gently rub it on your face.(i just used my hands to grab it and spread it) After the oil is on your face you can choose to let it sit for a bit or wash it off right away.(i always just wash it off right away because i'm impatient and because it doesn't make that much of a difference.)
      After that is done take your yogurt and put it in a bowl and then spread it all over your face. Let it sit for about 15 minutes to half an hour. Generally you will get better results if you let it sit longer. Note that you should lay down for this because otherwise the yogurt runs down your neck. When done simply wash it off. I do this every couple months or try to just whenever my acne starts to come back really bad. I hope this works well for you because this worked for me when a lot of the name-brand stuff didn't.

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